The legal contents of the town rights of Głubczyce (Codex Iuris Lubschicensis)


In the paper, a unique monument in the area of town charters history is presented, that is The Town Charter of Głubczyce. At present, housed by the National Archives in Opole, it was written in Gothic. On the both sides of each of the 241 parchment pages of goat skin in two columns (several pages have got only ruled lines). It was bound later on (the beginning of the 20th century) in oak boards, covered with brown leather. The corners of the both covers and their insides have brass bindings of open-work with the motif of a crown and cone knobs – feet. The book has the following dimensions 40 x 29.5 [cm] and is well preserved. The legal regulations contained in it became the basis of functioning of many towns in Silesia, Czech and Moravia, laying the foundation for the family of the town rights of Głubczyce.

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Published : 2019-09-17

Szymański, A. (2019). The legal contents of the town rights of Głubczyce (Codex Iuris Lubschicensis). The Opole Studies in Administration and Law, 16(4 (1), 51-62.

Andrzej Szymański 
Uniwersytet Opolski. Wydział Prawa i Administracji  Poland

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