Responsibilities of the Editorial Board regarding publishing standards

By accepting the manuscript for publication in Opolskie Studia Administracyjno-Prawne, the Editorial Board:

  • assess its compliance with the thematic profile of the Journal,
  • make sure whether all the authors have been indicated and have accepted the final version of the manuscript,
  • assess whether the analysis which is carried out in the article is original and is of the scientific character,
  • diagnose and eliminate instances of ghostwriting and guest authorship,
  • endeavor to eliminate cases of plagiarism and inform the Contributor of their suspicion, as well as notify the institution which the author is affiliated with,
  • analyze in detail all cases or manifestations of violation of the principles of ethics applicable to scientific publications and inform the author concerned of their objections, requesting the Contributor to respond to the allegation,
  • forward the text to be published provided it satisfies the binding ethical principles and has been positively opinioned by two Reviewers,
  • notify the author of the need to make substantive corrections to the manuscript in the case of conditional acceptance of the manuscript for publication, once the Reviewers have pointed to the necessity of introducing changes or/and complementing the text,
  • notify the author – in the case of obtaining two reviews in the negative – of rejecting the manuscript concerned and not considering it for further editing and publishing process.


Accepting a manuscript for publication, the Editorial Board is concerned primarily with its originality, quality and compliance with the scientific profile of the Journal.


The Editorial Board do not disclose to the Reviewers the data relating to the author; neither do they reveal to the Contributors the data relating to the Reviewers.

Preventing conflicts of interests

The Editorial Board do not appoint Reviewers for reviewing of works submitted by authors who are in any way directly related to the former on the functional basis or remain in other forms of direct relation to them, either of the professional or personal character.

Responsibility for the published texts

The Editorial Board exact from the Contributors and Reviewers respecting the principles of ethics which are in force for the Journal and take care of abiding by good editorial practices. As regards this respect, the Board take responsibility for texts published in the columns of Opolskie Studia Administracyjno-Prawne.