Vulgarismus jako laser (nad tvorbou Ladislava Šerého)


The article deals with the work of the Czech essayist and prose writer Ladislav Šerý (born 1958) who, remaining under the influence of the French literary tradition, criticizes the contemporary Euro-Atlantic consumer civilization and its form as the dominating one in the Czech society after 1989. It is a shrewd and comprehensive critique of the scientific (predominantly philosophical and sociological) discourse, in which he realizes the existence of plebeian speech full of vulgarisms. A confrontation of the author’s texts that contain vulgarisms (The First Book ..., Laser Romance 1 and Laser Romance 2), with those in which they are not used (Laser Romance 3), proves that Ladislav Šerý’s vulgarisms work as a laser: they make the achievement more effective, enhance the impressiveness of the literary testimony, make it more accurate and convincing.

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Ladislav Šerý; prose,; vulgarism; criticism of Euro-Atlantic civilization

Opublikowane : 2020-11-20

Machala, L. (2020). Vulgarismus jako laser (nad tvorbou Ladislava Šerého). Studia Et Documenta Slavica, 10(4), 7-12.

Lubomír Machala
Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Palackého v Olomouci, Katedra bohemistiky  Czechia

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