Reconciliation of Professional and Family Roles as Perceived by Social Workers

Katarzyna Anna Wojtanowicz

Uniwersytet papieska Jana Pawła II w Krakowie


Combining work and family life is becoming a challenge today. Preparation for fulfilling social roles, including professional and family roles, is not only theoretical. The dimension of everyday combining of these two areas becomes particularly important today. The aim of this article is to present the profile of a social worker in terms of combining the professional and family role, especially in terms of the impact of work on the fulfillment of the family role. It also examined the level of job satisfaction, the level of stress experienced and whether the conditions of work organization have an impact on the family functioning of social workers. Also taken into consideration was how the experience of working with social welfare clients translates into social workers' own family functioning. As the presented research shows social workers have a reference from their professional work, providing support and assistance to families with multiple problems, on the functioning of their own family. However, it should be pointed out that social workers require a number of supportive interventions to maintain high professional and social condition which will translate into maintaining a satisfactory level of family life.


family, social worker, work – family reconciliation, social work


Cited by

Wojtanowicz, K. A. (2022). Reconciliation of Professional and Family Roles as Perceived by Social Workers. Family Forum, 11, 71–88.


Katarzyna Anna Wojtanowicz



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