New members of Scientific Committee


We are pleased to announce, that Lukáš Novotný, Elżbieta Opiłowska, Bernard Reitel, and ‪Aldomar Arnaldo Rückert agreed to join the International Scientific Committee of the journal. All of them have cooperated with the journal in the past, as peer reviewers.

Lukáš Novotný is a political scientist at the University in Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic). He specializes in European integration and the issue of regional identities. Elżbieta Opiłowska is a professor of sociology, head of The Centre for Regional and Borderlands Studies at the University of Wrocław (Poland). Bernard Reitel is a professor of geography at Artois University (France). His major is cross-border cooperation in Europe. He is also a co-editor of Critical Dictionary on Borders, Cross-Border Cooperation and European Integration. Aldomar Arnaldo Rückert is a professor of geography at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul  (Brasil). His major research interests are political geography and territorial policies.