The Pogranicze. Polish Borderlands Studies (PPBS) is a peer-reviewed academic journal published quarterly by the Institute of Political Science and Administration of the University of Opole. The journal is dedicated to the advancement and development of latest thinking in borderlands studies. The Journal publishes articles from different disciplines that cover and explain the problems of borders and borderlands or different phenomena affected by the processes of bordering, de-bordering and re-bordering. Due to the interdisciplinary character of borderlands studies, the journal consists of articles published by political scientists, geographers, historians, economists or experts based on other disciplines.

Articles published by the PPBS cover the following areas:
- cross-border cooperation,
- border conflicts and disputes,
- border regimes and policies,
- social, cultural, political, economic and religious life on the borderlands,
- international migration,
- history of the border areas,
- ethnic and regional identities, minority issues and ethnopolitics,
- regions and regionalism,
- local and regional politics on the borderlands,
- new approaches to and applications of borderlands studies,
- border geographies.

Since 2020 the articles are published only in the English language.