Migration strategies of Poles after 2004. Case study of Scotland


The topic of this paper is: the migration strategies of Poles after 2004. The example of Scotland. Paper is based on 25th interviews with Polish migrants in Edinburgh, literature about migrations and reports from Centre of Migrations Research (CMR) in University of Warsaw. Paper contents conclusions from interviews which are compared to research about all Polish migrants in Great Britain. What is more, paper included more specific questions about living in United Kingdom, social help, opinion about British people, relations between Polish migrants, plans for future and more. At first, most of Polish migrants were living in England but now it is changing, they going to other parts of this country, like Scotland. That problem seems to becoming more and more important in time. Migrations to UK after 2004 are still actual topic because the number of Polish people living in there is still rising and in a huge part it is equivalent with staying there permanently. British economy gains a lot on Polish migrants. They are very flexible and hardworking. Polish economy gain on them too, because of the money transferring to Poland to their families.


migrations; Polish diaspora in Scotland; migration strategies; United Kingdom; Scotland

Published : 2013-07-22

Gacek, M. (2013). Migration strategies of Poles after 2004. Case study of Scotland. Border and Regional Studies, 1(1), 106-116. https://doi.org/10.25167/ppbs1081

Monika Gacek  pogranicze@uni.opole.pl

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